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Bellevue, Washington (WA) is in the heart of King County and is situated on Lake Washington by Seattle. There are roughly 122,000 people living in this city, which has been characterized as a satellite city to the larger city of Seattle, which is nearby.

Bellevue, Washington (WA) is the third largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area and has a median income of around $82,408. It has undergone a great deal of change and was named by CNN Money as one of the best places to live in this country as well as one of the best places to start a new business.

Bellevue car shipping companies | Secure Asset Relocation

Although there are many auto transport companies available you’ll want to do your research and pick a company that meets all of your needs. Secure Asset Relocation offers a vast variety of options for shipping cars to or from Bellevue, Washington (WA).

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Rate & Transit Time To Ship Car To or From Bellevue, Washington

Ship Car To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Transit Time
Bellevue to Los Angeles$6831139 miles4 - 6 days
Bellevue to Phoenix$8471412 miles4 - 6 days
Bellevue to Chicago$1,029 2058 miles6 - 8 days
Bellevue to Dallas$1,048 2096 miles6 - 8 days
Kansas City to Bellevue$1,098 1830 miles5 - 7 days
New York to Bellevue$1,138 2846 miles7 - 9 days
Memphis to Bellevue$1,140 2280 miles6 - 8 days
Bellevue to Miami$1,316 3291 miles7 - 9 days

*Cost & Time to transport your car examples are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of car you are shipping.

Auto Transport Companies Near Me

Looking for an auto shipping company near Bellevue, Washington? Great news! It doesn’t matter if you’re in Seattle (WA), Dallas (TX), or just down the street from the county seat of Spokane County – you can rest assured that our auto transport experts are extremely knowledgeable and can arrange it all for you!

If your move is from one state to another, it’s a long journey through the country. The geographical distance between Bellevue (WA) and almost every major city will make this difficult.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hop on a plane, take an Uber to your new home, and have your automobile meet you there? Luckily, we have a professional team of planners who know how to make that happen – so book now before all our spots are filled!

Washington auto transport service | Secure Asset Relocation

Using Bellevue Car Shipping Companies

When you’re looking to book Bellevue car shipping companies, keep a few of these tips in mind:

Consider your final destination

Bellevue, Washington (WA) is a beautiful place to visit. But for now, you might just be passing through and only transported your car here so you would be closer to your final landing place.

Make sure you’ve mapped out your route and have prepped your automobile accordingly for wherever you plan to travel once you’ve gotten your car back.

Ask about first-time transport discounts

You might get a discount on your shipment if you are shipping cars for the first time with our company. Also, ask about discounts for referrals should you send other people to use the auto transport service provided by our company.

Ask about our repeat-customer discount

If you’ve had your car shipped with Secure Asset Relocation before, be sure to tell us. We are able to offer a discount on our most popular routes!

Request proof of insurance

Proof of insurance for car shipping service

Your auto transport company should be insured and bonded to cover your vehicle during the whole process.

If you checkout the Better Business Bureau website, you’ll see A TON of complaints from people who shipped with a transporter who was not insured. PLEASE REMEMBER to always ask for proof of coverage or consider it a major red flag if they hesitate.

Your transportation provider is responsible for handling insurance while transporting your automobile, so you don’t have to worry about getting involved with that stress.

Visit the Washington Department of Transportation website for more info on Washington and the plentiful opportunities in which it can offer those visiting or relocating to the state.

Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Bellevue, Washington (WA)

The longer the distance, the more factors come into play. As soon as your automobile crosses over to another state you must make sure it meets that state’s requirements and you may need a new driver’s license if moving permanently.

Secure Asset Relocation is here for you with all the transportation logistics that come along. We have an experienced team and ample resources at our disposal so we may advise on what steps are needed to legally transport your car from door to door.

If you’re looking for a reliable service when it comes time to relocate cars from one location to another, click here to get a free quote or give us a phone call today!

Cheap Auto Transport Options in Bellevue, Washington (WA)

When shipping a car, it’s important to know how the rate is calculated. There are a number of factors that can affect your costs – the route, where you live, when and what type of car is being transported, whether you’re looking for open transport, enclosed transport, auction transport, dealership transport, door to door transport, etc.

Cheap car shipping service in Washington | Secure Asset Relocation

As a result there is no universal rule or strategy on reducing these expenses; however some general tips include:

Consult with one of our staff members

They’re trained to listen to your requests and present appropriate options. If you’re looking to cut down costs, they’ll also tell you if you qualify for a discount.

Take advantage of our seasonal shipping discounts

Because there are less people requesting auto transport during winter, it can be cheaper to transport your car (depending on the route).

Car Transport Discounts | Secure Asset Relocation

Request an open carrier and take advantage of our terminals

This can get a bit confusing if you’re new to vehicle shipping. Our auto transport team can explain further if you give them a call!

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Bellevue, Washington (WA)

Transporting an antique or luxury car can be stressful! To alleviate our clients’ stress, we recommend enclosed transport.

Our enclosed carriers are perfect for transporting antique or luxury automobiles, especially to and from Bellevue (WA). These carriers offer the highest level of safety while also delivering unmatched speed, making it more convenient for our clients.

Enclosed car shipping service | Secure Asset Relocation

Because most of our clients use them to transport classic or luxury automobiles, we do extra work to guarantee special care with this service. Automobiles and motorcycles are kept hidden from the elements, road debris or potential thieves, so the chances of something happening to them during transit are significantly lower.

They also arrive faster at their destination, since the number of automobiles being transported is lower. You can even choose to transport your exotic or classic automobiles in a single car carrier, so it arrives much faster and there’s less chance of it bumping into other automobiles!

Discounts with Bellevue Auto Transport Companies

Senior citizens and students may have a hard time paying the full rate of an auto transport service. But, we’ve arranged for special discounts to be awarded to them in order to help them save money on their Bellevue auto transport services!

We also offer discounted rates year-round for military members as well to show our appreciation for what they do for our country! Other clients can plan ahead and take advantage of seasonal offers given each year. Call us now for more information!

Bellevue Auto Transport Industry Safety Measures

Auto Transport Service Safety Measures | Secure Asset Relocation

Carriers are equipped with straps which limit the automobiles’ movements and protect against outside elements.

Open carriers use structural beams as barriers while enclosed carriers offer full protection from bad weather conditions for a higher final price, so many people only opt to transport enclosed when shipping an antique or luxury car, there is an important deadline, or a special event.

Frequently Asked Auto Transportation Questions

Washington Car Shipping Frequently Asked Questions | Secure Asset Relocation

When it comes to vehicle transport, there are quite a few frequently asked questions. To help you out a bit, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the most common auto transport questions we receive from our clients!

Auto transport on an open automobile carrier to or from Bellevue, Washington (WA) is generally in the $0.40 to $1.00 per mile range depending on the going rate of fuel at the time of shipment. So a 2,500-mile trip could be roughly $1,000.

Shorter car transport trips may be less expensive overall but have a higher rate per mile; this is because it generally will take the driver the same amount of time to load and unload the vehicles, regardless of the distance he drives. For the first 500 miles, the average rate is typically $1 per mile, so a 350-mile trip down the coast might be around $350.00.

The longer the distance, the lower the price: Moving a standard sized car 1000 miles will drop the rate to $.75 cents a mile, or $750.00, while taking it 3,000 miles could be around $1,200.00.

So a shipment from the Evergreen State to a city in Oregon will typically have a higher per mile rate than a shipment going cross-country from any city on the West Coast to any city in Florida or vice versa.

The lowest possible price to ship a car to Bellevue, Washington (WA) depends on vehicle size, weight, its operational condition and any modifications, seasonal demand, and the type of transport you prefer whether you choose enclosed, expedited or standard coast to coast automobile shipping – Secure Asset Relocation will deliver the best service and price in the Bellevue car shipping industry.

If you’re planning to ship a car from Bellevue to Florida, there are a few things that will have an impact on the price. Depending on what type of vehicle and timeframe you plan for your shipment, a typical automobile shipping service will charge $1,100 – $3,200.

The rate to transport an automobile in the Pacific Northwest Region can be impacted by many things. For instance a standard door to door car transport service will charge more or less depending on if the drop off location is a residential or business location. More information on this can be found below.

Bellevue car shipping is one of the best auto transport hubs in the United States. There are a large range of Washington state auto transport companies, so picking the right auto transport company is often said to be more important than picking the best price. Many of our repeat customers have told us that they had terrible luck with other companies offering better prices until ultimately shipping their cars with us!

For more info, feel free to checkout our page that details everything you’ll need to know when you’re looking to Ship A Car from Washington (WA) to Florida (FL)!

Or you can calculate your Bellevue, Washington (WA) to Florida auto transport quote instantly via our online quote calculator to get the most accurate rate to ship your car from Florida!

Actually, it isn’t just Washington car shipping services who take this into consideration. It doesn’t matter if your transport driver needs to pick up your car in Seattle, down by Lake Washington – or if they need to pick up motorcycles in Oregon.

The exact pick up and drop off locations are important to the truck driver because business locations, such as automobile dealerships, often have set hours for a truck to pick up cars. There are also specific hours of when a vehicle delivered on any truck will be accepted by them.

This can significantly impact the transit time for your automobile, or any automobile transported by our vehicle transport company – it is also not cost effective or convenient for our auto transporters to be stuck waiting in lots.

The price of shipping a car from Bellevue to San Francisco, or any city in the Golden State, depends on the type of vehicle you are shipping and the timeframe you intend to ship.

For more information, feel free to checkout our page that details everything you’ll need to know when you’re looking to Ship A Car from Washington (WA) to California (CA)!

Or you can calculate your Bellevue to California car transport quote instantly via our online quote calculator to get the most accurate rate for your transport!

As you may now be aware, the rate of shipping a car from Bellevue to Las Vegas depends on the type of vehicle you are shipping and the timeframe you intend to ship.

A fair price to ship a mid size sedan from around Seattle, in Bellevue, to Las Vegas (NV) is around $1,000. There are weekly trips back and forth. Transit time is 3-4 days. During winter prices and availability can vary.

For more details, feel free to checkout our page that details everything you’ll need to know when you’re looking to Ship A Car from Washington (WA) to Las Vegas (NV)!

Or you can calculate your Bellevue, Washington (WA) to Las Vegas (NV) auto transport shipping quote instantly via our online calculator to get the most accurate rate for your transport!

There are many factors that go into the price of shipping a car from Bellevue to Virginia, or even West Virginia for that matter. The type and size of vehicle is just one factor, but there’s also distance traveled as well as time period for shipment.

Shipping a car from Bellevue to Virginia is going to be much cheaper if you are willing and able to wait until the slow season, but it will be significantly more expensive to ship during peak travel times.

For more information, feel free to checkout our page that details everything you’ll need to know when you’re looking to Ship A Car from Washington (WA) to Virginia (VA)!

Or you can calculate your Bellevue to Virginia car transport quote instantly via our online quote calculator to get the most accurate rate for your transport!

Automobile hauling rates per mile vary based on total mileage. The industry average rate to ship an automobile with an auto transport company is upwards of $2.00 per mile for journeys less than 200 miles. The price dips down to an average of $0.58 per mile for true long-distance moves exceeding 1,500 miles.

An enclosed carrier offers more protection and security than standard open carriers. This comes at a premium rate of approximately 40% more than an open carrier.

Curious for more specifics on how expensive it is to ship a car across the country? The rate is further affected by the size of the automobile, the terminals (terminal shipping refers to the customer being responsible for dropping a vehicle at the closest terminal to the pickup location and then also being responsible for picking it up at a terminal close to the drop off location) and even the season.

For a more accurate idea of pricing, you can calculate your car transport quote instantly via our online quote calculator to get the most accurate rate for your shipment. It only takes 30 seconds to enter your pickup and delivery locations, select model/make, and hit calculate!

That’s a question we love being asked. While we could go on forever about what sets our Bellevue car shipping service apart from any other Bellevue car shipping service, the bottom line is that we’ve been in the car transport business for a LONG time. We take auto transport very seriously and our reviews will show you that we do an excellent job, offer great service, and provide an excellent auto transport experience!

One of our happy customers said that “Secure Asset Relocation answered all my questions, and after looking at their Google Reviews I decided to book with them. Much better auto transport experience than I’ve had in the past. Will be using them again!”

Secure Asset Relocation is a family-run auto transport company, based in Spokane Valley, Washington (WA) – the Evergreen State. You’ll likely be taken care of by one of our family members through every step of your auto transport process!

One of us will start by giving you your free quote if you’d prefer to call us instead of requesting an instant quote by filling out our online quote form.

Then one of our family members will help you book and get comfortable with your upcoming auto shipping journey.

In the unlikely event your car arrived damaged, we have a convenient process for getting your vehicle back to its original condition!

We understand that it’s possible for cars to be damaged as our fully insured carriers traveling across the continental USA may encounter a pothole or two along your route – that’s why our insurance company allows us to offer our clients maximum protection on their shipments!

We ask that you point out the damage to our driver on drop off so they can take careful pictures for future review. You should take pictures as well to document how your automobile arrived. You can then send any pictures, comments, & pickup/delivery BOLs to our email at

We will cross-reference pictures and Bill of Ladings on pick up and drop off and confirm any damage incurred. If we find that our drivers are at fault, we’ll make sure to repair your vehicle to its original condition.

We will require 3 separate estimates from auto body shops in your area which we’ll then select the highest rated and most reasonably priced.

Once you book your appointment with the selected body shop, please let us know the date scheduled so we can arrange payment ahead of time!

If needed, we will cover the charge of a rental vehicle or Uber while your vehicle is being worked on. Please save your receipts – we’ll need those to reimburse you!

Before pick up:

We’ll reach out to you the day prior to verify the exact pickup date, location, transport type, and vehicle details for your upcoming auto transport shipment.

Once we verify your shipment information, we’ll send it over to your assigned driver!

Day of pick up:

Our driver will contact you to coordinate a pickup time that works best for you.

On pickup, the driver will inspect your vehicle and document the current vehicle condition on a Bill of Lading (BOL).

You’ll verify that any existing damages have been documented correctly & then sign the BOL.

Once the BOL is signed by you and the driver, they’ll carefully load your vehicle onto the trailer & safely secure it.

Be sure to keep a copy of the BOL for your records. This will be used to ensure that no new damage occurred during transit.

In the unlikely event that any damage occurs during transit, our insurance company requires us to submit the BOL when filing a claim – this is how we’re able to offer our customers maximum protection!

Day of delivery:

Our driver will contact you 24 hours prior to delivery, and coordinate a drop off time.

At the delivery location, they will request payment, and then offload your vehicle. If you paid fully in advance, you won’t need to worry about this part!

You both will do one more inspection and cross reference the original BOL to make sure there isn’t any new damage on your vehicle. 

You both will sign the BOL one last time & CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve successfully had your vehicle shipped with Secure Asset Relocation – auto transport done right!

Yes of course – to show our appreciation for our customers, we are now offering to ship up to 100lbs of personal belongings for FREE!

For anything over 100lbs, there will be an additional charge of $1 per pound, paid upon delivery.

With that being said, there is some general information to go over:

Please do not overload your vehicle

What can fit in your trunk and the backseat below the window level is the maximum capacity we can ship!

These are the guidelines set for commercial vehicles by the federal government when any auto transport company transports other vehicles.

Personal items in the vehicle are not covered by our insurance

We strongly advise you not to pack anything fragile or valuable in your vehicle. A lot of things can happen during the auto shipping journey!

Absolutely no hazardous items, weapons, explosives or illegal substances

Any carriers contracted cannot legally ship your vehicle if they are aware of the presence of any such item. ​

For your convenience, you can use your Credit or Debit Card to make your initial deposit – then you can pay the remainder on delivery in cash or with a cashier’s check!

If you’d prefer to pay entirely with a Credit or Debit Card, you can pay in full over the phone with one of our vehicle shipping experts!

There are a couple ways to get updates during your vehicle’s auto shipping journey:

Call our Dispatch Department

At any time call our Dispatch Department & simply ask us for the status of your vehicle (or vehicles) – we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have!

GPS Tracking

Another great way is to request GPS Tracking when you book your shipment. To get access to our GPS Tracking service, we’ll just need your preferred email address.

We’ll use your email address strictly to create a temporary account for you – then you’ll be able to watch your automobile travel across the map from the convenience of your smartphone!

This will change depending on the distance your automobile is being transported!

For cross-country shipments it will typically take 8-12 days from the time of pickup to delivery!

Our team of drivers will always reach out to you 24 hours prior to drop off to avoid any surprises!

There are a few variables that could make it unsafe to drive a truck through a certain neighborhood or street – a few examples are tight spaces, low hanging trees, or heavy traffic.

​We have to protect all 9 vehicles on our trailer and therefore have found a different solution for inaccessible areas.

Our driver has to legally be in or around his vehicle at all times if they are not parked in an industrial parking lot.

While we do offer a door to door delivery service. If the street you live on is inaccessible, we ask that you drive the vehicle we are going to be transporting to an area near your home where the driver can load your vehicle safely and may ask the same when you have your car delivered.

If you have family or friends who can drive you back that works great – if not, we will happily pay for an Uber or taxi service to get you back home!

Ship A Car To or From Bellevue, Washington (WA)