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Green Bay is located in Brown County, although the metro area also includes Kewaunee and Oconto Counties. The city has a long history with railway transport--the Green Bay Route ran for nearly 100 years--and the National Railroad Museum is located in the Green Bay suburb of Ashwaubenon.

Auto Transport Made Easy

Shipping a vehicle is among the most tedious and costly processes car owners are likely to encounter. It would be in your best interest to engage an auto transport company good in what they do at friendly rates. The vehicle purchasing decision features among the most significant purchases you will ever make, and it would help if you felt secure when moving it.

The buying and selling of cars are now more accessible, and individuals find themselves engaging in either activity at their convenience. The primary reason for the rise of the trend in question is online marketplaces like eBay and craigslist. These innovations make it easy to engage in car selling and buying transactions without intermediaries connecting the two involved parties; the buyer and seller. Because of this, auto transport services will be a necessity not only to car dealerships.

Secure asset relocation allows you to quickly find safe auto transport at low rates from professional vehicle transporters. We also pledge to guide you through the entire process and ensure you are in safe hands. With a single click, you can move your vehicle anywhere using secure asset relocation.

How to Ship a Car

Finding and comparing transportation costs from multiple transporters is what mostly makes this process tedious and time-consuming. Most transport sites are notorious for selling your private information to third parties and brokers who use it to swamp you with promotional messages and emails. Doing this may distract your attention and make you lose track of who quoted what price, making it even harder to complete the research process and make a final decision.

A vital step when shipping a car is extensive research on auto transport companies, where one compares their services, prices, and history. After analyzing your prospects, make a decision based on the carrier meeting your transportation needs and budget. It would be best to directly engage them to feel their communication style and method during transportation.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

In the United States, the average cost of shipping a car via auto transport companies is $2.92 per mile for distances under 200 miles. To ship your vehicle to a distance of 1,000 miles or more will average to a cost of about $0.78 per mile. The price ranges are fair considering other factors like distance and service type play a significant role in deciding the transportation costs.

If you plan on digging deep for further research on the specific cost of moving your vehicle, you are welcome to try out our cost to ship vehicles page. It includes details of hundreds of complete shipping transactions seen through the secure asset relocation marketplace. We guarantee that you will get an idea of how much it may cost you to ship your vehicle across the country to a different state or internationally by visiting this page.

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What Factors Determine Car Shipping Rates?

  • Vehicle Height: Another factor most individuals are not aware of that affects car shipping rates is the car’s height being transported. Let us take two vehicles to serve as an example; a sedan that averages at the height of 57 inches and SUVs which are between 63-73 inches. The difference in their measurements will see the transportation cost of moving SUVs more expensive than sedans. Also, some SUVs are eligible for transportation under or over the taller vehicle category because of their extended height.
  • Vehicle Length: Some auto transport companies include vehicle length when calculating the cost to ship a car. A sedan’s length averages 189 inches, which is the ideal length as vehicles below this figure become cheaper and desirable to ship. Vehicles with a size past 196 inches are challenging to fit in transport vehicles, increasing transport costs.
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Your vehicle’s model and also make significantly affect car shipping rates. It is why Secure Asset Relocation requires this information before giving you a quote. Modern car models are more valuable; hence their pricing will be moderately higher than older prospects. Also, the larger your vehicle or any additional weight in your carrier may force the transporter to reduce the number of cars shipped to meet weight restrictions, increasing the overall cost.
  • Auto Transport Service Type: There are multiple auto transport types, each featuring its unique characteristics. Some transport types like open transport allow you to save money while enclosed transport is more expensive for the advanced security features.
  • Condition of Vehicle: Vehicles in working conditions are guaranteed affordable quotes than those that do not work. Stating whether your vehicle is operable is necessary when filling out your forms, and wrongly filling the section can attract heavy penalties in the future.
  • Pick Up and Delivery Locations: In densely populated areas like urban towns and metropolitans, many available transport vehicles are making it cheap to transport to such sites than in rural areas. It is more complicated to set a delivery location in rural areas than in urban environments. The cost of fuel and time might spike the shipping cost moderately, increasing the overall shipping quote.
  • Seasonality: Seasonality also affects the overall cost of shipping a car. Ideally, vehicle shipping is cheaper during the winter months than during the winter. The primary reason for this is the snow and ice effect present in most US regions affecting transportation events and potentially increasing the final price quote.

Distance is the primary cost determinant when shipping cars. If your destination is close, you will get low overall costs but higher costs per mile and vice-versa dealing with long distances. The cost of fuel used during the transportation is directly related to your desired destination.


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Open vs. Enclosed Auto Shipping

The option of open versus enclosed auto shipping mode is standard in most vehicle shipping companies. Before picking your choice, it would be wise to understand better what each of these models entails and which trailer type is best for transporting your vehicle. This section takes an in-depth look at open and enclosed auto shipping modes, increasing your chances of making an informed decision.

Open Auto Transport

The industry standard for transporting cars is open transport. You may have come across car carriers along the road moving multiple vehicles; this is an excellent practical definition of this transport mode. Regardless of the vehicle’s condition, new, used, or non-functioning, it remains the cheapest way to move your car. Transportation companies that prefer using open transport constitute 90% of the entire population. It means that by selecting this mode, you gain access to the best coverage and rates.

One crucial aspect concerned with open transport is ground clearance. The nearer the vehicles in transit are to the ground, the higher the chances of damage. Cars with a ground clearance of below four inches should be moved via enclosed auto shipping to curb this issue.

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Enclosed vehicle shipping is preferable when shipping valuable vehicles like classic cars and vintage automobiles. With this mode, transportation companies guarantee protection during transit and ensure the safe arrival of cargo. It involves using an enclosed trailer that hides the trailer’s contents from parties outside the trailer, keeping your valuables anonymous and secure.

Enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, debris, dirt, and other elements that may negatively affect your vehicle. Choosing this transport mode will cost you a little more than open auto transport but offer greater security and transport experience. We recommend this mode if the goods in transit are delicate, feature a high sentimental value, or are priced at more than $50,000.

Vehicle Transport Service Types

  • Home Delivery for Vehicles: Transportation companies are fast adapting to the home delivery concept, and customers seem to enjoy it. It is the company’s responsibility to pick and deliver your vehicle to your house’s closest location, if not at your doorstep. The reason for giving a small allowance on the delivery location is that most semi-trucks and trailers are incapable of maneuvering through enclosed communities and residential estates. We advise you to arrange with your transporter for delivery in a parking lot at both parties’ convenience.


  • Car Hauling Services: Car hauling services involves lifting your car onto a car carrier, mostly with other vehicles. This is the first type of vehicle transport that comes to mind with shipping cars to most individuals. Car hauling services are an excellent way to save some money since the transporter can transport multiple cars at once, reducing the procedure’s overall cost.


  • Expedited Car Shipping: If you require a last-minute transportation service with a specified location and a tight deadline, most shipping companies offer a package tailored for this instance. It is a premium service, and you will need to pay extra to expedite the shipping process. Upon making your order, the company will take action in 24-48 hours and complete the activity within your specified brackets.


  • Single-Car Vehicle Shipping: The single-car vehicle shipping service functions under similar concepts like a car hauling service. Your vehicle’s transportation will be in a small enclosed or open trailer by itself from its definition. Mostly, companies offering this service are small businesses specializing in personalized car transportation.


  • Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport: In this section, we suggest that you perceive terminals as storage facilities. This service involves moving a vehicle from one terminal to the other, usually placed regionally. It gives one access to drop and pick the transported vehicle at a specified location and time. The terminal-to-terminal transportation service is only effective in cost reduction if you have access to the facilities. Another essential aspect to consider before selecting your vehicle is handling done by more than one carrier before getting to your stated destination.
Dealership to Driveway Auto Transport

How to Ship a Car Across the Country?

Whether you are buying your vehicle from the other side of the country or relocating to a new city, Secure Asset Relocation is your best bet to relieve you of the stress and troubles that come with shipping a vehicle. This section aims at shedding light on some aspects you may need to consider while reviewing auto carriers to fulfill your transportation needs.

Although open transport is far more cost-efficient and budget-friendly, it is not ideal for transporting cars over long distances. We advise opting for enclosed car transport because of the added security and safety if you know the distance is long.

It is also essential to decide on how lenient you can be in the delivery dates set to avoid any inconveniences from either party. Generally, moving a vehicle from one side of the country to the other is bound to be time-consuming. It may take at least two weeks to complete the delivery and more if there are multiple vehicles with different destinations. You may request a faster delivery but at an extra cost.

You can analyze transporter profiles and see if they have had previous deliveries to your desired location and how previous customers rated their services. Using Secure Asset Relocation guarantees you safe shipping at the best rates available.

State to State Auto Transport

When shipping cars from state to state, you will need to consider multiple aspects. Confirm the agencies you will work with for the successful update of license and registration if relocating.

The first step is to get the price quotations for shipping your car to a different state. While at it, you can get reviews of the transporter and get the opportunity to communicate with them directly.

It will also help check out our cost to ship index before submitting shipment info for a price quote.

Enquire about the service types offered and consider your preference. Do you need an enclosed trailer, or are you looking to save money by going with the open plan transportation system?

Car shipping companies need to get a Motor Carrier (MC) number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can check the Secure Asset Relocation page to see an example of an MC number.

Secure Asset Relocation ensures that proper communication channels are in place to facilitate your communication with the carrier, giving you detailed updates upon inquiry. Our support team is available throughout the week to ease the stress that comes with shipping a car.

Steps to Prepare Your Car for Transport

  • Leave not more than a quarter-tank of gas in the vehicle’s tank.
  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly, in and out.
  • Check all necessary fluids in your car.
  • Inform the transporter of any leaking fluids.
  • Check your tire pressure and battery charge.
  • Take quality photos of the car before and after delivery.
  • Do away with all ornaments like antennas and spoilers.
  • Clear the vehicle from all personal belongings.


You can get extra tips on preparing a car transport from the Secure Asset Relocations guide.

Vehicle Shipping Insurance

Apart from analyzing transporter reviews and experience, it would be wise to explore the cargo insurance policies that come with your selected transporter. Please review the details provided by the transporting company and consult further to get more insight into their coverage. The best way to get viable information regarding the topic in question is by directly contacting your current auto insurance provider.

After reviewing their insurance options, you can check out Secure Asset Relocation Cargo Insurance to see if the offer is given in your best interest. Insurance coverage is vital during transportation, and it is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires every transporter to provide a certificate of insurance. You can verify the certificate information with the department of transportation or the insurance company.

Secure Asset Relocation Car
Shipping Services

Secure Asset Relocation is everything you may require from a transporter. We value ourselves to providing our customers with auto transport that is easy and stress-free.

You will first need to create a shipment listing with details concerning your transport and vehicle needs. It will come in handy in helping transporters tailor the best quotes for you.

After completing the shipment listing, pre-set instant car shipping rates may become available to select or join the marketplace for carriers to compete for you.

Clicking on the carrier’s name will allow you to view their profile and give you a brief description of their shipping history. Talking to them will help you make a better decision when deciding on which transporter to select.

After meeting the carrier whose experience and services coincide with your wants and fall under your planned budget, accept the quote and await delivery.

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